SATPRO participate in 2016 CCBN

March 24, 2016, China International Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN) held as scheduled in the China International Exhibition Center,

the Asia-Pacific region's largest radio and television technology and equipment exhibition, the world's top-ranked digital television and broadband

Internet industry event , CCBN attracted nearly 1,000 enterprises and institutions from over 30 countries and regions participating.




On this industry event, booth State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Radio and TV satellite broadcast

management center to attract the attention of the audience, in its most visible position highlighting the technological achievements

of civil aviation airborne broadcast satellite programs. September 3, 2015, live satellite broadcast center and the Academy of Sciences,

China International Airlines, Air wide satellite network limited liability company jointly developed the "Airborne live satellite TV broadcast

reception and service system," the first successful test flight, the plane passengers watch to commemorate the Chinese people's

Anti-Japanese war and the World Anti-Fascist war 70th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square military parade live on, for the first time

of the reception of live TV on the plane. It aroused great interest of the participants.




This set of the show "Airborne live satellite broadcast TV reception and service system" is derived from the use of SATPRO.

developed AT450 airborne mobile communications product, it can not only be used to receive satellite live TV,

you can also link to communications satellites for the passengers to provide broadband Internet access services.



The AT450 airborne equipment uses a Ku-band planar waveguide horn antenna array surface, Ku-band having a width of

available bandwidth, less interference, the device characteristics of small size, so that it can be high-speed satellite

communications, gigabit broadband digital transmission, high definition television (HDTV), satellite news gathering (SNG),

VSAT services, new services directly to the home (DTH) business and personal satellite communications to provide a new means.

Excellent products need the flow to promising. Now with the gradual opening of the domestic civil aviation satellite broadcast

business, I believe the near future, the national airliner will be like international flights, as the opening of the passenger plane

WiFi service, you can surf the web via satellite broadband aircraft, airliners will no longer is the seat of islands of information!